Inspiration Page


What can I say feathers, shells and beaded things!

I have had this picture for a long time like many years. I am seeing it used in a few magazines of late.

I remember a long time ago once thinking that I would never work with pearls. Now I seek out freshwater pearls in all different colours and shapes. Almost every SoniaM Designs piece have freshwater pearls in them. I especially love the cream and off white pearls. I love to put them back with clear crystal quartz and clear swarovski crystals in plain and AB. I always have plenty of supply in my drawers.
I love pleats and lots of fabrics that float.


I am having a Red moment. It may be in preparation for the Valentino exhibition.
I have had this picture forever. How beautiful is this dress? It is a design by a very young Roland Mouret.
Red and Frills.